How to Stay in Touch when You Travel without Your Mobile Device

It’s still possible to stay in touch with loved ones when you travel without your mobile device. If you prefer traveling without mobile devices or if you forget your mobile device, here are tips on how to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Use Landline Telephones

Make phone calls from call shops, public phones, or hotel telephone. You can use hotel room telephones to make local calls. You can also use international phone cards to make international calls. In most hotels, you will pay a fee to make local calls. However, there are hotels that offer toll-free calls whether international or long-distance. It is important to ask about rates before you use a hotel phone to make a call. Because you won’t be charged when you receive a call, try to have someone call you from your home country.

Public phones are in the list of the endangered species. However, you can still find a phone booth or phones banks in train stations and post offices. Generally, pay phones have multilingual instructions. Most of them use phone cards while others accept coins.

In some places, it will be wise to use call shops. These charge low rates for making international calls. You will find most of these shops in the neighborhoods of train-stations. Call shops allow customers to make calls in private sweatboxes after which they pay for using them. Nevertheless, ask about rates before you use a call shop.

Public Computers and Internet Cafés

You won’t have trouble finding places where you can go online without your mobile device in most places. That’s because most hotels have public computers that are used by guests in the lobby. Most accommodations are also situated in places that are adjacent to cyber cafes or internet cafes. You can pay for such services to stay in touch with people back at home. In towns that do not have internet cafes, there are computers that travelers can use to go online. Note that you can send emails, use Skype and social media, as well as make calls using public computers.

Basically, these are some of the ways to stay in touch when you travel without your mobile devices. Follow them to make communication with loved ones easier.

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