Why Travel to Greece

Greece is one of the best travel destinations that continue to attract millions of visitors from across the globe every year. The country enjoys a rich historical background and is surrounded by several beautiful features to delight every traveler. It boasts the largest coastline in Europe, great art and cities with something for everyone. Find out more about why you should consider traveling to Greece below.

Fascinating Beaches

The beaches in Greece are like no other with turquoise waters and amazing attractions. It is home to some of the best beaches in the world with all the delights that you can ever dream of. Whether you just want to bathe and relax, party in the beach or discreetly enjoy cool vibes with a loved one, the beaches in Greece have what it takes to make your adventure memorable.

Vibrant Nightlife

The nightlife in Greece is also another reason you should spend a holiday at this destination. Across all the Greek cities, you will be able to enjoy an incredible clubbing experience. Besides the luxury bars and nightclubs in the cities, you can also take the party to one of the islands for a unique adventure.

Great Cuisines

Whether you are a vegan or sea food lover, there is plenty to enjoy here. Greece is popular for its olive production, which is widely used in many cuisines across the world. Apart from the local delicacies, you can also enjoy a wide range of dishes with Western influences. They also have finger licking desserts like yogurt with walnuts and honey as well as sumptuous drinks.

Good Weather

Greece experiences a nice weather almost throughout the year. During winter, the temperatures are quite mild and travelers can also enjoy the sun for many days. The best times to visit Greece are between April and June, September and October when the weather is perfect.

Greeks also have overwhelming hospitality that will make you feel quite honored to visit. In fact, it is one of those travel destinations that you can never get enough of.


Different Ways To Travel That You Need To Know

You probably know that people take different approaches to travel. This enables some people to experience travel better than others. Some travel styles can make a trip more authentic and meaningful.

Here are some of the ways to travel that you should know:

Slow Travel

This entails spending more time at a travel destination. It gives you an opportunity to know your travel destination than travelers that spend a few days at their travel destinations. Essentially, solo travel is about seeing fewer places but enjoying them more. The opposite of slow travel is fast travel.

Fast Travel

If you have a vacation of two weeks and you want to see a foreign country, you should take a fast travel approach. You know that you are a fast traveler if you try to fit in more things when you travel within a limited period. To a slow traveler, a fast traveler wants to see as many places as possible and tick them off their travel list. However, this is not always true because cramming many sights is not always the best travel approach. Spending more time at a travel destination doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a better experience than spending less time there. It all depends on the reason for traveling.

All Inclusive Resort

Many travelers look down on this travel approach. They assume that travelers that stay in all inclusive resorts do not see their travel destinations properly. However, people that take this approach towards travel are not interested in seeing their travel destinations. They just need a vacation away from everything.

Cruise/Group Tour

This entails traveling in a group. This way to travel is unfashionable in the contemporary world. That’s because it hinders travelers from mingling with the locals or even take the unbeaten path during their trips.


This is a travel approach that entails drinking with other backpackers and staying in crowded dorms. Backpackers tend to use local transport and walk more often.

Going Local

This involves behaving like the local people. You eat at the local restaurants and use local transport when you take this approach.

Basically, people have different reasons for traveling. The way you travel should depend on your reasons to travel.  


Important European Gestures to Understand When Traveling

When you learn nonverbal gestures while traveling, communication becomes easier. However, if you don’t understand the meaning of some European gestures, they can be your worst language barriers when you travel.
My pal over at www.glassdawg.net once told me his backpack travel story to Europe, and it was hilariously funny. He did share some pointers and that’s what I plan to share with you today. Here are common gestures that you should understand their meanings when you travel to Europe.

Fingertips Kiss

This gesture entails bringing together the thumb and fingers of the right hand, raising lips and kissing lightly and eventually tossing the thumb and fingers into the air joyfully. This gesture is very common in European countries like France, Italy, Greece, Germany and Spain. It signals praise but it can also mean delicious, wonderful, divine, or sexy. However, you should be careful to avoid looking silly by overemphasizing this subtle gesture.

Hand Shake

This gesture entails shaking following by sucking in. Do it like you burned yourself. The gesture implies expensive.

Hand Purse

A hand purse gesture entails straightening the thumb and fingers of your hand and bringing them together to make an upward point in front of the face. Move your hand up and down a little at the wrist or hold it still. This is an Italian gesture for asking a question. It is used to ask a person what they want, what they are doing, or what’s new? In France, this gesture implies fear while in Spain it means “a lot”. In Turkey and Germany, a hand purse gesture means “good”,

Eyelid Pull

This gesture entails extending the forefinger below the eye center and pulling the skin downward. This gesture means “I’m alert” in Greece and France. It is used as a friendlier warning in Spain and Italy.

Cheek Screw

Stick out the index finger while making a fist and screw it in the chick without piercing your skin. This gesture is almost exclusive to and widely used in Italy. It means lovely, good, or beautiful. It can also mean cleaver. However, you should be careful with this gesture because it can be used to mean a man is effeminate in Southern Spain.

If you intend to travel to Europe, understand the meanings of these gestures and use them wisely. This will help you avoid language barrier that may be occasioned by your misunderstanding or little knowledge of the meanings of these and other gestures.

How to Stay in Touch when You Travel without Your Mobile Device

It’s still possible to stay in touch with loved ones when you travel without your mobile device. If you prefer traveling without mobile devices or if you forget your mobile device, here are tips on how to stay in touch with your loved ones.

Use Landline Telephones

Make phone calls from call shops, public phones, or hotel telephone. You can use hotel room telephones to make local calls. You can also use international phone cards to make international calls. In most hotels, you will pay a fee to make local calls. However, there are hotels that offer toll-free calls whether international or long-distance. It is important to ask about rates before you use a hotel phone to make a call. Because you won’t be charged when you receive a call, try to have someone call you from your home country.

Public phones are in the list of the endangered species. However, you can still find a phone booth or phones banks in train stations and post offices. Generally, pay phones have multilingual instructions. Most of them use phone cards while others accept coins.

In some places, it will be wise to use call shops. These charge low rates for making international calls. You will find most of these shops in the neighborhoods of train-stations. Call shops allow customers to make calls in private sweatboxes after which they pay for using them. Nevertheless, ask about rates before you use a call shop.

Public Computers and Internet Cafés

You won’t have trouble finding places where you can go online without your mobile device in most places. That’s because most hotels have public computers that are used by guests in the lobby. Most accommodations are also situated in places that are adjacent to cyber cafes or internet cafes. You can pay for such services to stay in touch with people back at home. In towns that do not have internet cafes, there are computers that travelers can use to go online. Note that you can send emails, use Skype and social media, as well as make calls using public computers.

Basically, these are some of the ways to stay in touch when you travel without your mobile devices. Follow them to make communication with loved ones easier.

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