Six Flags Savings – Savings That You Probably Do Not Know About

Okay, what don’t we know about the great Six Flags Savings that are available for everyone? Well did you know that if you use your Discover Card to pay for your online tickets or any other extras , you can save an additional 5% off your total purchase? Did you know this savings extends to using your card inside any of the Six Flags Theme Parks? Yes, that is correct, and you are winning on both ends. How about there are more ways to save than the Daily Pass and the Season Pass? Yes again, there is parking, meal vouchers, and more. What about the Flash Pass? Well, the Flash Pass allows you to be able to return to a ride at a specific time of the day and you will not have to wait in those long lines. How great is that? Well those are just a few savings, go on line and check out the rest.

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