Important European Gestures to Understand When Traveling

When you learn nonverbal gestures while traveling, communication becomes easier. However, if you don’t understand the meaning of some European gestures, they can be your worst language barriers when you travel.
My pal over at once told me his backpack travel story to Europe, and it was hilariously funny. He did share some pointers and that’s what I plan to share with you today. Here are common gestures that you should understand their meanings when you travel to Europe.

Fingertips Kiss

This gesture entails bringing together the thumb and fingers of the right hand, raising lips and kissing lightly and eventually tossing the thumb and fingers into the air joyfully. This gesture is very common in European countries like France, Italy, Greece, Germany and Spain. It signals praise but it can also mean delicious, wonderful, divine, or sexy. However, you should be careful to avoid looking silly by overemphasizing this subtle gesture.

Hand Shake

This gesture entails shaking following by sucking in. Do it like you burned yourself. The gesture implies expensive.

Hand Purse

A hand purse gesture entails straightening the thumb and fingers of your hand and bringing them together to make an upward point in front of the face. Move your hand up and down a little at the wrist or hold it still. This is an Italian gesture for asking a question. It is used to ask a person what they want, what they are doing, or what’s new? In France, this gesture implies fear while in Spain it means “a lot”. In Turkey and Germany, a hand purse gesture means “good”,

Eyelid Pull

This gesture entails extending the forefinger below the eye center and pulling the skin downward. This gesture means “I’m alert” in Greece and France. It is used as a friendlier warning in Spain and Italy.

Cheek Screw

Stick out the index finger while making a fist and screw it in the chick without piercing your skin. This gesture is almost exclusive to and widely used in Italy. It means lovely, good, or beautiful. It can also mean cleaver. However, you should be careful with this gesture because it can be used to mean a man is effeminate in Southern Spain.

If you intend to travel to Europe, understand the meanings of these gestures and use them wisely. This will help you avoid language barrier that may be occasioned by your misunderstanding or little knowledge of the meanings of these and other gestures.

The Thrill Seeker’s Guide to the World’s Most Exhilarating Roller Coasters


Welcome, adrenaline junkies, to your definitive resource for discovering the most heart-pounding, breathtaking roller coasters the world has to offer. From the towering heights of steel giants to the high-speed thrills of the fastest tracks, this guide promises an unforgettable adventure for every thrill seeker.

The World’s Most Exhilarating Roller Coasters

1. Kingda Ka – Six Flags Great Adventure, USA

Standing as the towering titan of the coaster world, Kingda Ka hits a staggering 456 feet, making it the tallest roller coaster on the planet. Its lightning-fast acceleration will launch you from 0 to 128 mph in just 3.5 seconds, offering an adrenaline rush.

2. Formula Rossa – Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

Strap yourself in for the ride of a lifetime on the Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster. Reaching speeds of up to 240 km/h, this coaster simulates the exhilarating velocity of a Ferrari, providing an unmatched sensation of speed.

3. The Beast – Kings Island, USA

Take a journey on The Beast, the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. This legendary ride winds through a vast wooded terrain, offering a unique and thrilling experience that combines speed with a touch of nature’s unpredictability.

4. Steel Vengeance – Cedar Point, USA

Steel Vengeance, known as the ruler of roller coasters, breaks records with the most airtime and the tallest drops. Its innovative hybrid design offers a smooth ride packed with unexpected turns and twists, redefining the thrill of coaster rides.

5. Takabisha – Fuji-Q Highland, Japan

Prepare for a heart-stopping moment on Takabisha, the world’s steepest roller coaster with a 121-degree freefall. This engineering marvel combines speed, steep drops, and inversions, offering a breathtaking experience that challenges even the bravest of thrill seekers.


What makes a roller coaster exhilarating?

The exhilaration of a roller coaster comes from a combination of factors including speed, height, innovative design, and the element of surprise. These factors work together to create a thrilling sensory experience.

Are these roller coasters safe?

Yes, safety is a top priority for all the roller coasters mentioned. They undergo rigorous testing and regular maintenance checks to ensure every ride is as safe as possible.

Can anyone ride these coasters?

While these roller coasters offer unmatched thrills, they come with height and health restrictions for safety. It’s important to check each park’s requirements before planning your visit.


Exploring the world’s most exhilarating roller coasters offers an unparalleled adventure for thrill seekers. These rides are not just about speed and height; they are a testament to human ingenuity and the pursuit of pushing boundaries. Whether you’re a seasoned coaster enthusiast or looking to conquer your first giant, this guide is your ticket to discovering the ultimate thrill experiences around the globe. Embrace the adventure, the speed, and the sheer exhilaration of these engineering marvels. Your next roller coaster adventure awaits!

How to Get the Best Deal When Booking a Flight

Booking a flight can sometimes be expensive, but with the right strategies, you can increase your chances of getting the best deal. Here are some tips to help you:

Be Flexible with Your Travel Dates

Flying on certain days of the week or during off-peak seasons can often result in lower fares. Use flexible date search options on travel websites to compare prices over various dates and find the cheapest options.

Use Flight Comparison Websites

Utilize online flight search engines like Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights to compare prices across multiple airlines. These platforms allow you to see various options and find the best deals.

Book in Advance

Booking your flight well in advance helps you secure better deals. Airlines often offer discounted fares for early bookings, so plan and book your flights at least a few weeks in advance.

Be Open to Different Airports

Check if there are alternative airports near your departure or destination cities. Flying to or from a nearby airport can lead to significant savings. Consider the cost of ground transportation as well when evaluating these options.

Clear Your Browsing History or Use Incognito Mode 

Airlines and travel websites may track your browsing history and increase prices based on demand. To avoid this, use private browsing or incognito mode when searching for flights.

Sign Up for Fare Alerts

Subscribe to newsletters or fare alert services provided by various travel websites. They will notify you when prices drop for your preferred routes, allowing you to grab the best deals quickly.

Consider Connecting Flights

Direct flights are often more convenient but can also be more expensive. Opting for connecting flights can sometimes lead to significant savings. Ensure you have ample time between flights to avoid delays or missed connections.

Be Open to Different Airlines

Avoid limiting yourself to a specific airline. Compare prices across different carriers, including budget airlines, as they can offer lower fares for the same route. Be mindful of any additional fees they may charge for baggage or other services.

Bundle Flight and Hotel Bookings

Some travel websites offer discounts if you book your flight and hotel together as a package. Explore these options to see if you can save money by bundling your travel arrangements.

Consider Alternative Booking Methods

While online travel agencies are convenient, it’s worth checking the airline’s official website as they sometimes offer exclusive deals or promo codes that may be unavailable elsewhere.

Always double-check the terms and conditions, baggage allowances, and additional fees before finalizing your booking. Happy travels!

Top 5 Family-Friendly Travel Destinations

If you’re planning a family vacation, you undoubtedly want a family-friendly travel destination. Luckily, the world has numerous family-friendly options from which you can choose. Here are the top five family-friendly travel destinations.

1. Orlando, Florida

Orlando is the perfect destination for a family vacation due to its many attractions and family-friendly activities. From theme parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld to waterparks and an array of shopping opportunities, there’s something for everyone in your family.

2. San Diego, California

If you’re looking for a beach location with plenty of kid-friendly activities, look no further than San Diego. With some of the best beaches in California, this city also offers a variety of attractions, like the world-famous San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park, where you can participate in interactive activities.

3. London, England

As one of the most visited cities in the world, London is an ideal destination for families. You can explore historical sites like the Tower of London or ride on one of the city’s iconic double-decker buses. Additionally, there are plenty of kid-friendly activities, such as visiting museums and participating in outdoor sports.

4. Paris, France

Although some might think Paris is better suited for a romantic getaway, it can also be a great family vacation spot. Take your kids to the Eiffel Tower or visit one of its many parks and gardens. Additionally, numerous restaurants offer delicious French cuisine you can enjoy with your family.

5. Rome, Italy

With its ancient architecture, delicious food, and vibrant culture, Rome is one of the top family-friendly travel destinations in Europe. You can explore its many ancient ruins or stroll around its picturesque streets here. Additionally, plenty of kid-friendly activities await you, such as visiting Vatican City and the Colosseum.

These five destinations offer something for everyone in your family – from thrilling adventures to educational experiences. So, whether you’re looking for an exotic getaway or want to have fun with your loved ones, these family-friendly travel destinations definitely won’t disappoint!

How International Travel Benefits Students

There are so many things one can gain from traveling to a different place. The list includes getting new friends, meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and much more. Studies have shown that you develop creativity and improve your well-being when traveling. Therefore, travel allows us to slow down, take a step back and take an honest assessment of our lives. It lets us let go of expectations imposed on us, so we can discover what is important to us and what we truly want.

Personal Growth

you will learn and gain real-life skills living in abroad more than from any textbook. Traveling will force you out of your comfort zone and challenge your beliefs daily. You will have to meet new people and deal with many different and unexpected situations. You will learn how to survive without any help that Is usually available to you; hence you automatically start gaining confidence, independence, and open-mindedness.

Hands-on Learning

Students can explore the field and get their hands dirty, which is the experience of what they learn through specific programs or events.

Enhances Communication Skills

When you are in an unfamiliar area, you will try your best to communicate effectively with those around you. It will help you enhance your communication skill and connect with friends during the trip.

Appreciate Different Cultures

Traveling to a new place gives people different outlooks on different cultures and people. You also learn similarities and differences in cultures and languages, giving you a sense of respect for the location. New places can open doors to new careers and excellent opportunities.

Final Thoughts

As you travel the world, you realize that it is a much better place than we see on TV or in books and novels. I hope the above article inspires you to travel abroad.