Important European Gestures to Understand When Traveling

When you learn nonverbal gestures while traveling, communication becomes easier. However, if you don’t understand the meaning of some European gestures, they can be your worst language barriers when you travel.
My pal over at once told me his backpack travel story to Europe, and it was hilariously funny. He did share some pointers and that’s what I plan to share with you today. Here are common gestures that you should understand their meanings when you travel to Europe.

Fingertips Kiss

This gesture entails bringing together the thumb and fingers of the right hand, raising lips and kissing lightly and eventually tossing the thumb and fingers into the air joyfully. This gesture is very common in European countries like France, Italy, Greece, Germany and Spain. It signals praise but it can also mean delicious, wonderful, divine, or sexy. However, you should be careful to avoid looking silly by overemphasizing this subtle gesture.

Hand Shake

This gesture entails shaking following by sucking in. Do it like you burned yourself. The gesture implies expensive.

Hand Purse

A hand purse gesture entails straightening the thumb and fingers of your hand and bringing them together to make an upward point in front of the face. Move your hand up and down a little at the wrist or hold it still. This is an Italian gesture for asking a question. It is used to ask a person what they want, what they are doing, or what’s new? In France, this gesture implies fear while in Spain it means “a lot”. In Turkey and Germany, a hand purse gesture means “good”,

Eyelid Pull

This gesture entails extending the forefinger below the eye center and pulling the skin downward. This gesture means “I’m alert” in Greece and France. It is used as a friendlier warning in Spain and Italy.

Cheek Screw

Stick out the index finger while making a fist and screw it in the chick without piercing your skin. This gesture is almost exclusive to and widely used in Italy. It means lovely, good, or beautiful. It can also mean cleaver. However, you should be careful with this gesture because it can be used to mean a man is effeminate in Southern Spain.

If you intend to travel to Europe, understand the meanings of these gestures and use them wisely. This will help you avoid language barrier that may be occasioned by your misunderstanding or little knowledge of the meanings of these and other gestures.

Tips for Traveling with a Large Family this Holiday season

The holiday season is the time for families to come together. We find little time to share fond moments with loved ones due to busy schedules. However, you need to consider the following before traveling with family


Traveling requires planning and the bigger group needs extra polish when putting the itinerary together. The holiday season has many families traveling, therefore, do the booking early to ensure everyone gets convenient rooms. Include comments and requirements while booking, to cater to individual member preferences.

Include Extra Time

Getting a large group to move from one place to another, might take longer than when you travel alone. As their curiosity takes over, you’ll spend extra time waiting for this person or the other.

Communicate Instructions Directly to Each Member

When tasked to make the travel plan, meet each family member and deliver relevant information to them directly. This will avoid distortion of the message, which could ruin the plans, and get others inconvenienced. 

Get Travel Vaccines

Ensure that each member gets their vaccinations before traveling to exotic destinations. Book appointments with the family doctor in good time to avoid last-minute rush and delays. Consider bringing mosquito repellants and nets, if you are going somewhere with malaria.

Pack a Medical Kit

Children are very sensitive to new climes and may get allergic to new foods. Insect bites and stings are also common, therefore, be armed with the right first aid kit.

Pack Wisely 

Minimize your baggage by leaving out things like strollers, car seats, bikes, and cribs. Most popular travel destinations offer rental services for such items. However, you need to confirm the availability of that service while making reservations.

Get Proper Travel Insurance

Traveling involves many risks, and brings the family along further makes the situation tricky. For instance, newborns could get severe food allergies, flights get canceled, or luggage gets lost. To avoid ruining your itinerary, it’s wise to get the right insurance coverage and travel with some assurance.

A large family can be tricky to bring on a trip, however, proper planning and following the above tips can get you a successful trip this holiday season.

Tips for Travelling when Retired

Retirees, individuals nearing the retirement age and even young people who are currently employed look forward to traveling the world in ultimate comfort. According to a past study conducted among retirees in the USA, a majority would prefer enjoyable experiences over buying assets. And, traveling is one of the best ways to realizing that dream. There are many attractions and activities for travelers that can make your life in retirement quite fun and memorable. Nevertheless, the following are important tips for traveling when retired.

Consider the Options for Budget Travelers

During retirement, individuals are restricted to fixed incomes that can make it quite hard to finance lavish travel plans. However, you can still enjoy fulfilling travel experiences without any lavish spending. One of the best ways to achieving that is through booking flights and accommodation with airlines and hotels that provide discount airfares and lodging facilities.  Take time to do a proper research from travel blogs, airline and hotel websites for the best deals.

Develop Flexible Travel Plans

Flexibility in travel is also another way to experience the world without huge spending. While flexibility does not mean you should keep changing your travel plan, it simply requires you to have an open mind to the adventure. One way of being flexible is traveling when most people are not since airfares and accommodation are usually on the low during such times. Traveling off-season will also enable you to avoid the congestions at popular attraction sites, hence, an ample time to get the most out of every trip.

Stick to your Budget

Even though many travelers often spend outside their set travel budgets, doing so when you are on a fixed income is a risk that should be avoided in every way possible. The circumstances of the trip may sometimes impact higher spending than previously planned. But, you should always maintain expenditure on the low to enjoy many more experiences in future.

Apart from the above tips, you should also leverage travel rewards and responsibly manage your expenditure to experience more fulfilling trips during retirement.


How Travel Helps You Live To the Fullest

When you ask people about why they travel a lot, quite a number will tell you it is because of the partying. But, that is not all you get from going on adventures. The fact that traveling allows you to experience new cultures, interact with different people and try out new experiences can transform your life in many ways. Here’s how travel helps you live to the fullest.

Adventures Allow You to Explore Diverse Passions

It is not easy to try out different things when you work and play at the same environment. Going out on trips offers you a wide range of options on places to visit and things to do. Since it is up to you to plan the itinerary, you can include unique activities that you have never tried before. The thrill and anxiety that comes from trying out different things offers a different kind of fun that will remain in your memory for a lifetime.

Travel Teaches You to Find Happiness in Every Situation

When you visit different places and interact with various foreign cultures, one thing becomes clear; in every part of the world, people always find a reason to be happy despite their conditions. From the high end palatial castles in London to the grass thatched mud houses in Africa, you will always find people living happily. The more you travel; you will understand that happiness is not about who you are or where you come from but, living every moment as it comes. And, you too will try to embrace the same concept in your life.

You Get To Understand Yourself Better

One of the reasons most people are not happy in life is because they are still struggling to find themselves. Understanding yourself simply means the ability to know your weaknesses, strengths and how to harness them for your happiness. The obstacles that you face when traveling tortures your resolve, creativity and patience but, there is a guarantee that you will come out happier, wiser, stronger and with lots of memories to cherish.

Travel gives you the exclusive opportunity to try out every activity, lifestyle, weather and even food, then other more opportunities to choose what moves your senses. The sooner you realize what makes your tick, the more enjoyable and memorable your trips will be.


Why Travel to Greece

Greece is one of the best travel destinations that continue to attract millions of visitors from across the globe every year. The country enjoys a rich historical background and is surrounded by several beautiful features to delight every traveler. It boasts the largest coastline in Europe, great art and cities with something for everyone. Find out more about why you should consider traveling to Greece below.

Fascinating Beaches

The beaches in Greece are like no other with turquoise waters and amazing attractions. It is home to some of the best beaches in the world with all the delights that you can ever dream of. Whether you just want to bathe and relax, party in the beach or discreetly enjoy cool vibes with a loved one, the beaches in Greece have what it takes to make your adventure memorable.

Vibrant Nightlife

The nightlife in Greece is also another reason you should spend a holiday at this destination. Across all the Greek cities, you will be able to enjoy an incredible clubbing experience. Besides the luxury bars and nightclubs in the cities, you can also take the party to one of the islands for a unique adventure.

Great Cuisines

Whether you are a vegan or sea food lover, there is plenty to enjoy here. Greece is popular for its olive production, which is widely used in many cuisines across the world. Apart from the local delicacies, you can also enjoy a wide range of dishes with Western influences. They also have finger licking desserts like yogurt with walnuts and honey as well as sumptuous drinks.

Good Weather

Greece experiences a nice weather almost throughout the year. During winter, the temperatures are quite mild and travelers can also enjoy the sun for many days. The best times to visit Greece are between April and June, September and October when the weather is perfect.

Greeks also have overwhelming hospitality that will make you feel quite honored to visit. In fact, it is one of those travel destinations that you can never get enough of.